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Established 1977
John Schofield Textile Machinery
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We have cultivated robust partnerships with renowned manufacturers to ensure that our clients receive top quality textile machinery, spare parts and accessories. Among our trusted partner manufacturers, you'll find an array of exceptional options, including:

PICANOL - Lets Grow Together
Rapier and airjet weaving machines for the apparel, household and  technical fabric markets. Training, servicing, upgrades and spare parts.

COMSAT - Design and Technology
High speed warpers, beamers, creels, batching motions, inspection machines and compact selvedge bobbin warpers.

QMatex - Let's Weave Your Future
Custom built weaving machines for niche markets, single/multi rapier or shuttle for narrow, tubular, biomedical, filtration, multi-layer and spacer fabrics, as well as heavy duty looms for complex multi layered 3D carbon fibre composite structures and closed edge beltings and slings.
Traditional multi rapier loom for velvets and technical fabrics. Sample looms.
Lightweight or heavy duty, narrow or wide, dobby or jacquard, Qmatex will find a solution.



BLUE REED - Weaving the Future
Flat and profiled reeds for rapier, airjet, waterjet and projectile  weaving machines.  Reeds for warping machines and expandable and hook  reeds for sizing and beaming machines. Weaving accessories, ultrasonic  cleaning machines, reed cleaning fluids

Customised solutions to Cleaning, Transport and Logistics problems in  textile mills, including Travelling Cleaners, bobbin, cone and fabric  roll Transport. Roving frames. Palletising and automatic packing systems

AKIMist high precision dry fog spray nozzles and systems for humidifying, cooling, dust/fly suppression and spraying
LP-13 Shake Absorber three layer machinery mounting pads to dampen vibration, and reduce maintenance and noise
Jacquard cards and paperboard
Heated rollers for weaving preparation, textile finishing and for the paper and plastics industries.
Cylinder dryers for woven and non-woven textiles.
Smoothing and calibrating calendars
NAVETA - Focused on Preciseness
Producer of drop wires and heald wires for all types of weaving machines



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