John Schofield Textile Machinery Spare Parts


PICANOL - Lets Grow Together

Rapier and airjet weaving machines for the apparel, household and technical fabric markets. Training, servicing, upgrades and spare parts.

COMSAT - Design and Technology

High speed warpers, beamers, creels, batching motions, inspection machines and compact selvedge bobbin warpers.

BLUE REED - Weaving the Future

Flat and profiled reeds for rapier, airjet, waterjet and projectile weaving machines. Reeds for warping machines and expandable and hook reeds for sizing and beaming machines. Weaving accessories, ultrasonic cleaning machines, reed cleaning fluids.


Customised solutions to Cleaning, Transport and Logistics problems in textile mills, including Travelling Cleaners, bobbin, cone and fabric roll Transport. Roving frames. Palletising and automatic packing systems.


Lines for Fabric Scouring, Washing, Bleaching, Dyeing, Finishing and Coating.


ELTEX are world leaders in yarn break sensors, yarn tension sensors and continuous tension monitoring on warping, winding, weaving, tufting and sewing machines.


LP-13 Shake Absorber three layer machinery mounting pads to dampen vibration, and reduce maintenance and noise.


Jacquard cards and paperboard.


Heated rollers for weaving preparation, textile finishing and for the paper and plastics industries.
Cylinder dryers for woven and nonwoven textiles.
Smoothing and calibrating calendars.

NAVETA - Focused on Preciseness

Producer of drop wires and heald wires for all types of weaving machines.