John Schofield Textile Machinery Spare Parts

Weaving Accessories & Spare Parts:

• Selvedge Bobbin Warpers                                                      • Accumulator Threaders
• Drop Wires• Accumulator Brushes
• Wax Rods• Accumulator Spares
• Warp Beams, Flanges & Barrels• Leno Healds
• Portable Humidifiers• Leno Bobbin Yarn
• Cloth Rollers• Clutches
• Full Width, Ring & Pinned Temples• Rapier Tapes
• Reeds for Weaving Warping & Sizing• Rapier Racks
• Heald Frames• Grippers/Rapiers
• Heald Wires• Cutter Blades
• Roller Coverings, Natural & Synthetic• Electronic Selvedge Cutters
• Dobby Card (plastic)• LED Strip Loom Lighting
• Relay Nozzles• Weavers Scissors
• Reed Hooks• Emery Cloth
• Fabric Markers• Yarn & Weft Lubrication Reservoirs
• Hot Wire/Thermal Cutters• Adhesive For Loom Pads
• Selvedge Bobbins• Shuttles
• Anti Vibration Loom Pads• Raceboard Covering
• Tucking Needles• Gripper Openers
• Warp & Weft Stop Motions• Back Beams
• Canisters• Batching Motions
• Inspection Machines• Accumulator Batching Motions
• Cloth Cutters, Portable & Pneumatic• Ultrasonic Cloth Cutting & Sealing
• Leno Selvedge Yarns• Rotary Leno Bobbins
• Dobby Magnets• Ultra Sonic Cleaning Baths For Droppers, Heddles and Reeds

If you are looking for anything not on this list, please feel free to Contact Us.